Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to the below organisations for their support of the Forestry Australia 2022 Symposium.

Major Sponsors

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible for sustainably managing approximately 812,000 hectares of public production forest (Permanent Timber Production Zone land).

Our people work in a variety of forest management areas across Tasmania, including regeneration, firefighting, work health and safety, conservation, certification, research, forest health, planning, harvesting, finance, administration, stakeholder engagement, communications, information technology, natural capital, geographic information systems, land management, project management and people and culture.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s core objectives are to efficiently and effectively make available agreed wood volumes and other services to our customers; professionally manage public production forests to maintain wood resource and other environmental, cultural and economic values; for our people and contractors to go home safe and well every day; and to achieve and maintain financial sustainability.

There has never been a better time to plant trees.

VicForests is a State-owned business managing the harvest, sale, and regrowing of sustainable timber from Victorian state forests on behalf of the Victorian Government.

It’s important to us that anyone who buys timber products harvested by VicForests can be secure in the knowledge that it has been harvested responsibly, sustainably and with care and respect for our forests.

Our “tree to table” story is social, economic and environmental.

We are proud of the way we harvest, sell and regrow sustainable timber, while ensuring that protecting our precious wildlife in our native forests is central to everything we do.

The products made from the wood we sell have a unique hardness, strength, durability and beauty that only slow grown native hardwood timber can produce.
Each year we harvest around 3000 hectares, or 0.04% of Victoria’s native forests.

Before any harvesting we conduct extensive flora, fauna and habitat surveys which tell us which prescriptions are needed to protect important environmental and cultural values, including retaining hollow-bearing trees to protect species that live and dwell within them.

Forest regeneration is essential to our work and values. We replant harvested areas with the same type of forest that was originally there for the future enjoyment of generations to come.

Our harvesting and regeneration story is underpinned by our passionate biodiversity scientists and forestry experts.

Supporting Sponsors

Forestry Corporation of NSW manages environmental conservation, tourism, fire and renewable timber production in around two million hectares of public State forests.

We manage multiple-use native forests, as well as NSW’s largest plantation estate comprising approximately 230,000 hectares of softwood timber plantations and 35,000 hectares of hardwood timber plantations.

We manage a million hectares of high value forests permanently set aside for conservation, partner with Aboriginal communities to manage and protect cultural heritage, maintain free visitor areas, manage fire, control pests and weeds and facilitate access for primary industries including apiary, grazing and quarrying.

We also sustainably produce renewable hardwood and softwood timber products, meeting the community’s demand for timber and wood products and supporting regional employment.

Our forest management is independently certified to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management and our operations underpin a vital and vibrant renewable timber industry in regional NSW.

Forico is more than Tasmania’s largest plantation forest and supply chain manager.

Forico continue to challenge the status quo and create value from the unique assets under management. So, whilst we are refining our conventional fibre assets and supply chain, we are also leading the charge on new initiatives

  • Natural capital accounting – we know we cannot manage what we cannot measure. Environmental services are important to Forico, and we are leading the charge on sophisticated systems to demonstrate value and create new markets.
  • Climate change – we consider that we have a strong role to play in a changing climate. We are focused on optimising our approach to assets that mitigates risk, as well as recognising our leadership role as part of the solution at a global scale.
  • Carbon neutrality and trading – we understand the carbon value of our enterprise, and we recognise the mandate to deliver on it.
  • Renewable energy – we are exploring new ways of harnessing energy from the forests we manage. This includes wind energy infrastructure, as well and embedded energy from our harvest residues.

At the end of the day, Forico seeks to add value, develop a culture of knowledge and innovation, and maintain industry leadership.


Symposium Dinner Sponsor

HQPlantations – Growing for generations

Managing productive, healthy forests in a sustainable way is at the heart of everything we do.
We conduct our business with this in mind – everyone, from our ethical investors to our passionate employees, valued customers and contractor partners, is committed to our vision to create and sustain plantation value and security for generations.

That’s why we’ve recently made a Climate Change Commitment to net zero by 2030 and we’re adapting the way we work get there.

Our ongoing focus on managing our landscape with integrity and maintaining our social licence to operate with communities is driving the consultation phase of our First Nations Engagement Framework, a leading initiative recognising and working with the Traditional Owners of Country where our plantations grow.

In the field and the office, we’re moving towards precision forestry to optimise the productivity and value of our plantation estate.

Together, these are powerful changes in our management approach that honour the past and prepare us for a bright, innovative and resilient future.

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