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Thank you to the below organisations for their support of the IFA/AFG 2021 National Conference.

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Major Sponsors

Forico is more than Tasmania’s largest plantation forest and supply chain manager.

Forico continue to challenge the status quo and create value from the unique assets under management. So, whilst we are refining our conventional fibre assets and supply chain, we are also leading the charge on new initiatives

  • Natural capital accounting – we know we cannot manage what we cannot measure. Environmental services are important to Forico, and we are leading the charge on sophisticated systems to demonstrate value and create new markets.
  • Climate change – we consider that we have a strong role to play in a changing climate. We are focused on optimising our approach to assets that mitigates risk, as well as recognising our leadership role as part of the solution at a global scale.
  • Carbon neutrality and trading – we understand the carbon value of our enterprise, and we recognise the mandate to deliver on it.
  • Renewable energy – we are exploring new ways of harnessing energy from the forests we manage. This includes wind energy infrastructure, as well and embedded energy from our harvest residues.

At the end of the day, Forico seeks to add value, develop a culture of knowledge and innovation, and maintain industry leadership.

Midway is a leading company in the Australian forestry sector and is Australia’s largest high quality woodfibre processor exporting to producers of pulp, paper and associated products in China and Japan.

Founded in 1980, Midway wholly owns or is a majority shareholder in strategic processing and export facilities in Geelong, Portland and Brisbane. Overall, Midway sells six woodfibre products from five export facilities (including Tasmania and Tiwi Islands) with a combined processing and export capacity of over 5.0 million GMT per annum. Since commencing exports in 1986 Midway has exported over 30 million GMT.

Midway owns significant areas of freehold plantation land in Victoria and through its subsidiary Plantation Management Partners, provides exclusive forestry management services to the 30,000 hectare Tiwi Islands’ forestry plantation project in Northern Australia.

Midway engages contractors to harvest and haul timber to processing sites, including company owned mills and to third party facilities. In 2018 Midway expanded to provide harvesting, haulage, processing and materials handling services directly to plantation owners through its investment in Midway Logistics, a wood fibre and biomass harvesting, processing and logistics business in southwest WA.

Supporting Sponsors

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is a not-for-profit services company – sometimes referred to as an RDC (Rural Research and Development Corporation) – funded by the Federal government, member levies and research grant to provide national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry.

We are committed to helping the forest and wood products industry to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive against other industries and products available in the marketplace.

Supporting Innovation and Sustainability
We support research and development that promotes internationally competitive and environmentally sustainable practices. We promote activities that enhance employment opportunities and contribute to growing Australia’s reputation as an innovative producer of high-quality forest and wood products.

Our Mission
FWPA collaborates with government and industry stakeholders to determine strategy and deliver programs designed to grow the market for forest and wood products, increase productivity and profitability across the value chain, and ensure positive environmental and social outcomes.

At OneFortyOne we’re dedicated to the ultimate renewable – timber.

Our forests and mills in Australia and New Zealand produce wood products that are used daily.

OneFortyOne harvests and plants millions of trees every year. These millions of trees form our 175,900 ha of forests, including thousands of hectares of conservation land that significant species of plants and animals call home. Our forests also contain important historical and cultural sites as well as artefacts that we are committed to protecting.

Our Jubilee and Kaituna sawmills manufacture timber products such as structural timber, decking and posts, which are used to build homes, fences, vigneron posts and even chicken coops.

OneFortyOne operations are an integral part of our communities. We are major employers in the regions we work and we’re proud to invest in supporting our local environment and local people.

Private Forests Tasmania is a government authority with a legislated role to facilitate and expand the development of the private forest resource in a manner which is consistent with sound forest and land management practices.

Tree Alliance is a marketing campaign run by Private Forest Tasmania.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of farm forestry and the benefits of trees on farms, and to encourage and facilitate farmers to plant commercially viable trees in the agricultural landscape.

Our treety: to grow our future economy and ecology through trees.

Planting trees in the right place on farms with the intention of harvesting and replanting is a win-win for the environment, society and landowners.

Trees can deliver increased primary production productivity while simultaneously growing high value timber products, delivering biofuel, improving water quality and efficiency, and improving the carbon balance.

Trees also protect the land for future generations while growing high value products. Trees and farmers will grow the future.

There has never been a better time to plant trees.


Women in Forestry Breakfast & Session Sponsor

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Plenary Sponsor

Indufor is a specialist forest sector consulting group with global operations. We provide independent, robust advice to a broad range of public sector and private sector clients worldwide. We advise clients on resource management and key strategic issues, based on deep sectoral expertise and analytical rigour. Indufor Oy was established in Finland in 1980. Today, Indufor is an international consulting company with offices in Helsinki, Melbourne, Auckland and Washington DC, with a global team of over 50 staff. Further information is available on our website:

Satchel Sponsor

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Session Sponsor

The Forest Practices Authority manages the Tasmanian forest practices system on both public and private land, based on the Forest Practices Act 1985. We operate independently, alongside government and private businesses, to regulate forest practices and land clearing.

The system operates through co-regulation with the forest industry, training, planning, advice, and continual improvement through adaptive management.

Our organisation includes:
• the Chief Forest Practices Officer and a staff of around 20
• an independent board
• the Forest Practices Advisory Council
• around 150 Forest Practices Officers, authorised by the FPA and employed in the forestry sector.

More information:

Hand Sanitiser Sponsor

Tasmanian Hand Sanitiser originated as an idea between two Tasmanian Pharmacists in early 2020. Born and bred in the north of the state, Matthew Will and Martin Quinn wanted to manufacture a pharmaceutical grade product using local suppliers. To assist setting up a local distribution network the pair brought Tasmanian businessman Charles Beaumont on board. Together the three formed M2 Logistics, based in Launceston, which now co-ordinates manufacture and supply of Tasmanian Hand Sanitiser to the local and national market.

Since March 2020 the team have co-ordinated manufacture and distribution of over 80,000L of medical grade Hand Sanitiser. In addition to this they also provide a wide range of cleaning and sanitation products as well as PPE. They continue to expand their service to meet the needs of customers all over Australia. Clients include the Tasmanian Government, Australian Antarctic Division, TT-Line, University of Tasmania and numerous sporting clubs and organisations as well as businesses all over Australia.